Concrete block paving, clay pavers and natural stone block paving are the three main types of block paving available today, to help create your your ideal block paved driveway. There are many types of block paving and driveway paving available from different manufacturers all with there own characteristics, varying degree of application use and cost. For environmentally friendly paving please see permeable block paving. To help you choose your ideal concrete block paving please browse the examples below of Marshall’s block paving. Other manufacturers and brands of concrete block paving are available and can be viewed via the relevant links. For further help for the correct choice of block paving, information or quote for your driveway please contact us.


Probably the most commonly used of the Marshall’s range of concrete block paving with a single size of 200x100x50mm.
A budget range is also available at reduced cost.

Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Block Paving

With its aged appearance the Tegula range provides a classic, worn, traditional look to match a wide variety of house styles and types.
Available in five colours and three sizes in 160mm gauge for laying in a random coursed or stretcher bond pattern in a single size.

Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Original is also available to lay in a random pattern by using a jump stone to enable this.

Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Original Block Paving

The Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Original range includes a jumper stone 320x240x50mm to enable a random pattern when incorporating it with the original 3 sizes of 160mm gauge. Available in five colours.

Marshalls Drivesett Deco Block Paving

These smaller rustic blocks create a traditional cobbled effect providing an elegant aged appearance with a choice of colour blends. Ideal for driveways, an edging feature or pathways and can be combined with other Marshalls drivesett products. Size 110x110x50mm and available in four colours.

Marshalls Tegula Cobbles

Tegula cobbles can be used to complement the larger Drivesett Tegula range or used to great effect by its self. Ideal for courtyard style areas of paving with the smaller size helping to add a more detailed aspect. Size 80x80x60mm and available in three colours.

Marshalls Drivesett Argent Block Paving

With its contemporary granite look the Marshalls Argent range of block paving complements and sits well with new modern house styles. A cheaper alternative to natural granite its available in three 160mm gauge sizes and four colours. Can be laid in a coursed random pattern or with a singular size.

Marshalls Keyblok Setts

An aesthetic alternative to the standard block paving with a smoother top surface edge profile. Laid in a coursed random pattern using three 160mm gauged sizes and available in four colours.

Marshalls Tescina Block Paving

The Marshalls Tescina range with its textured surface can provide a softer more appealing look and feel for an individual requirement. Also ideal for areas where its anti slip properties may be of some use. Size 200x100x50mm and available in five colours.


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