Many issues can arise from poor drainage, from water logged unusable lawns, unsafe slippery paved surfaces to flooded properties.

MDB Landscapes have included surface and below ground land drainage solutions in many projects for both domestic gardens and commercial clients including flood protection of property, lawns, planting borders, driveways, paving, field drainage and around swimming pools .

We cover London and down to the coastal areas of Hampshire for our specialist area of garden drainage and lawns as well as our local areas that include Ash Vale, Aldershot, Farnham, Guildford, Fleet, Woking, Esher, Ascot, Cobham, Leatherhead and Haslemere.

If you are struggling with new or ongoing drainage issues and problems then please contact us to arrange for a site appraisal and quote. We can also provide site reports and drainage solutions to aid new or ongoing disputes.

With a clay soil type and low lying levels through out this large garden in Winchester, Hampshire a more comprehensive drainage scheme was required to improve the poor drainage.

Levels were reduced to allow for a drainage layer covering a large percentage of the garden including drainage trenches below. New imported top soil was used to raise the lawn levels and finally all areas were re-turfed.

A water retentive soil type and locality of this garden in Fleet, Hampshire caused water logging and flooding during persistent rain fall. A stream also run below and through the garden.

Our proposal was for an extensive drainage system through out the garden lawn areas using the existing stream as an outlet point.

On completion all trenches were made good and re-seeded.

Extensive drainage was required for all lawn areas for this garden in Wrecclesham, Surrey. With a predominant heavy sticky clay soil type, during wet conditions these lawn areas in both rear and front gardens remained waterlogged and unusable.

Over 300m of drainage trenches were proposed and implemented through out all lawn areas. Trenches were made good on completion and re-seeded.

Ground water poured through this garden in Ascot, Surrey from higher ground, leaving it unusable through out the year. The solution was to install extensive drainage and to terrace the garden creating practical level areas and to enable the inclusion of an additional drainage layer over the entire garden.

Timber sleepers were used for terracing and the raised planter. Old English Chippings were used for walkways and seating areas.

A sloped garden in Farnham, Surrey with a small brook running along the top of the garden creating issues with a constant run off of water falling down towards the terrace and house.

A series of drainage trenches were proposed to divert the water run off and directing it through an existing retaining wall and dispersal into an existing outlet, via a new drainage channel at terrace level.

A drainage solution was proposed within the lawn areas for this property in Steep, Hampshire to prevent future flooding of the house after the 2013-2014 floods.

Three main drainage trenches were strategically located within the lawn areas to catch run off from the higher ground beyond the property and diverted to lower areas within the garden away from the house.

A front garden and lawn area in Crondall, Hampshire that remained unusable through out the year due to severe water logging.

A major drainage solution was required including land drains, a drainage layer, the raising of areas with imported topsoil and a new lawn.

A very long and wet, waterlogged garden in Wormley, Godalming, Surrey, that remained unusable through out the year.

An extensive drainage solution was proposed incorporating land drains the entire length of the garden. All drainage runs were made good and re-turfed. On completion the garden had already dried sufficiently to use again.

Approximately 1000m² of lawn in Oxshott, Surrey with an existing poor soil medium for both front and rear gardens leaving lawn areas very water logged and difficult to manage.

Extensive land drainage was installed, new rootzone medium imported in after removal of the existing soil and lawns re-turfed.

Grey water management in Winchfield, Hampshire. The clients remit here was to enable the dispersal of excess grey water within their property. The solution proposed involved the controlled discharge of grey water through a drainage layer.

The area was re-designed and landscaped to hide any evidence of the drainage layer.

A rear garden lawn in London, NW6. An existing poor soil medium left this rear London lawn water logged and unusable for the all the family. The remit given by the client was to provide a high quality lawn suitable for all the family, useable through out the year.

Extensive land drainage was installed, new rootzone medium imported in after removal of the existing soil and lawns re-turfed.

Drainage layers and lawn drainage in Chobham, Surrey. Drainage layers incorporating twinwall drainage pipe work was proposed and installed around a new oak barn build to future proof the area.

Land drains were also incorporated through the majority of the rest of the garden to alleviate waterlogged lawn areas connected up to a road culvert and field ditches.  

Lawn drainage in Wrecclesham, Farnham, Surrey. A poor moisture retentive soil type and constant in ground flow of water contributed to this rear lawn being wet and boggy.

Extensive land drains were installed and directed to the lower area of the garden where a discharge point was chosen, after passing through a water reservoir.  

After heavy rainfall this lawn in Woking, Surrey remained waterlogged due to the lie of the land, soil type and locality.

Simple but effective land drainage was proposed to catch the flow of ground water build up and to quickly disperse the water through drainage connected to an adequate outlet point.  

On completion trenches were made good and re-turfed.

A small confined garden in Cove, Farnborough, Hampshire struggling with very poor drainage and ground conditions preventing the familly from using the garden. A simple drainage scheme was proposed and implemented using a gravity fed system with drainage runs re-seeded.

A substantial garden drainage project in Esher, Surrey. With poor clay soil this lawn had always struggled with poor drainage. The proposed scheme was installed leading to a sump and pump as the only viable outlet point was an underground piped culvert cutting through the garden.

A wet and boggy lawn in East Horsley, Leatherhead, Surrey preventing the use of the garden all year round. Both drainage and a new lawn were proposed to help remidy the issue. Levels were first reduced, drainage installed capturing in ground and over ground flow from higher neighbouring properties, new hardwood sleeper edging installed and finally a new lawn laid upon a high quality rootzone medium.

A small rear garden in London SW2 struggling with constant water ingress from higher ground creating an unusable lawn area. A simple but effective land drainage solution was proposed and installed with areas re-turfed on completion.

Water here within this garden in Farnham, Surrey was constantly collecting behind substantial retaining walls and seeping through flooding the side pathways. The client agreed to deal with the issue house side of the retaining wall as the cost implications to install drainage behind the walling was to high.

The water was collected immediately at the foot of the wall and dispersed through land drain channels feeding into a solid pipe run beneath the driveway and finally dispersing into a shallow brook.

A residential block of flats in London NW6 struggling with unusable communal garden areas due to flooding and constantly saturated lawns. The gardens here were in two levels with both lawns requiring drainage.

Drainage was installed with the top area joined via land drain pipe to the lowest with a final dispersal point within the lowest areas of the garden. The main problem with this project was access and logistics of exporting and importing of materials.

A small drainage scheme in Farnham, Surrey to help deal with a constant in ground and over ground flow from the neighbouring properties. A small area of lawn also required a drainage layer to remedy a constantly wet and boggy area of lawn.

To acheive a new lawn for this garden in Claygate, Surrey drainage issues needed to be dealt with first. The old lawn and garden struggled with poor lawn drainage due to the confined area, poor soil and an in ground flow of water from higher neighbouring properties.

Levels were reduced first then extensive drainage was installed connecting up to an existing storm water drain. New soil medium imported in and preped prior to a new lawn being laid.

A drainage solution was requested by this client in Highgate, London, N6 prior to substantial landscaping works. The lawn areas were heavy clay with an issue of overground flow from neighbouring properties and commercial hard standings. The proposed scheme was installed leading to a storm water chamber outlet.

Access here was not straight forward as we needed to use the neighboring property due to the ongoing building works restricting access.

After extensive redevelopment of this property in Hersham, Surrey the building works had compromised an area of the garden lawn. Poor soil was striped from the area drainage installed, new soil medium imported back over the site and areas re-seeded.

We were contacted here by the client in Crondall, Hampshire to help resolve an ongoing issue with inground and over ground flow of water from higher ground preventing them from enjoying thier lawn. The drainage proposed and installed covering the majority of lawn areas with the outlet being lower ground into a wooded area.

A property in Ottershaw, Surrey constantly threatened by flooding due to excessive run off of rain from the road and a large driveway. New 200mm wide surface water cast iron grated drainage channels were proposed and installed along the driveway entrance and near to the house.

Large 160mm diameter pipe was used to assist and accomodate more efficent dispersal of water leading to a large diamater land drain within a protective drainage run in front of the house. Final dispersal of collected water was the lowest part of the garden and adjacent scrub land.  

A drainage issue arose here within a garden of a property in Lovedean, Hampshire after the client had a small area retained and paved over. Drainage was installed behind the new walling leading to a sump and pump. The original old fencing required removal to allow for the works and was replaced with new featheredge fencing.

After completion of the clearance phase on this project in Little Bookham, Leatherhead, Surrey a substantial drainage scheme was installed to remedy a very wet clay based lawn area prior to further landscaping. An existing storm water chamber was used as an outlet.

An ongoing issue with excessive water finding its way into the cellar of this clients property in Great Bookham, Leatherhead, Surrey meant the introduction of a second permanent pump. The clients remit was to radically reduce the water ingress to stop the requirement of the second pump and reduce overall usage of the original pump.

The boundary drainage implemented caught and diverted the constant in ground water flow from higher ground and reduced to a minimal amount the requirement of the original pump.

After purchasing a new house in Sandhurst, Berkshire the client here approached us to provide a drainage solution to enable the laying of a new lawn. Drainage was installed leading to a sump and pump with it’s final dispersal into adjacent scrub land.