Garden walls within any garden design can form a backdrop, retainment, division or other purpose defined by the design brief. They may be designed for practical or just for visual impact.

Construction material choice varies with the use of brick, varying stone types, timber, sleepers, concrete, dry stone walling, gabion baskets or a mixture of materials. Retaining walls and other structural walling may have to be assessed with the use of a structural engineer to guarantee safety and the longevity of the walling.

MDB Landscapes can provide you with the correct choice of walling to complement and enhance any garden design, so please contact us with your garden walling enquiry.

Cropped and split faced stone walling was part of this large landscape project in Bramley, Surrey involving the construction of structural retaining walls faced with natural stone through out the garden.

The walling was built to an engineers specification onto structural steel reinforced concrete foundations. The rear of retaining wall was built in concrete filled hollow concrete block work.

Refurbishment of dilapidated Stone and brick garden walling in Dippenhall, Farnham, Surrey, incorporating a majority of the old stone and brick with the new construction.

New foundations were laid and the new walling built incorporating both the original materials and new reclaimed stone and brick to make up the short fall. Walling was finished off with a brick copping similar to the original.

A sleeper retaining wall was requested here by this client in East Horsley, Leatherhead, Surrey to replace an old rotting sleeper wall. New treated brown hardwood sleepers were used.

Other works for this project also included sleeper edging for the new rear garden lawn after lawn drainage was installed first.