After many projects are completed the final stage is turfing or grass seeding. Turfing creates an instant effect, transforms and brings to life the hard and soft landscaping, creating a lush green back drop.

Grass seeding may be used on larger areas where the budget may not allow for turfing or on areas of less importance or visual impact.

MDB Landscapes include turfing within general landscaping projects as well as providing lawns to a higher specification for clients requiring a higher quality end product. For higher specification lawns using rootzone soil mixes with bent and fescue grasses or normal grade turf we also cover the London area and down to the Hampshire coastal regions.

If you require advice on or maintaining your existing lawn or require a new lawn please contact us for this or any other landscaping enquiry.

Turfing of a large rear garden in Winchester, Hampshire. The final stage of this project was importation of topsoil and turfing. Poor drainage had to be dealt with first in both lawn areas.

Levels were reduced, land drainage installed, drainage layers used and finally approximately 60tn of topsoil was imported over the site to help raise levels. Areas were prepared prior to the re-turfing of both lawn areas over an approximate area of 450m².

Grass seeding was the final stage for this large private garden in Dippenhall, Surrey after other major construction had completed. Existing areas of poor soil were cleared, levels reduced, subsoil graded and contoured ready for new topsoil spread.

Approximately 400tn of topsoil was imported over the site to aid the establishment of the grass. Areas were prepped, topsoil graded out and consolidated prior to grass seeding.

To acheive a new lawn for this garden in Claygate, Surrey drainage issues needed to be dealt with first. The old lawn and garden struggled with poor lawn drainage due to the confined area, poor soil and an in ground flow of water from higher neighbouring properties.

Levels were reduced first then extensive drainage was installed connecting up to an existing storm water drain. New soil medium imported in and prepped prior to a new lawn being laid. Turf used Rolawn medallion.

Approximately 1000m² of new lawn in Oxshott, Surrey with drainage issues affecting the quality of the original areas. Extensive drainage works were proposed and implemented first, approximately 240tn of high quality rootzone soil medium imported onto the site, areas prepared and new turf laid. Turf used Rolawn medallion.

This specific client was a keen golfer in guildford, Surrey with a remit to provide a high quality lawn. To enable this major drainage works were first implemented including land drainage before the construction of the new lawn.

The lawn area was then raised with new oak sleeper edging, a drainage layer constructed over the land drainage and a high quality rootzone medium imported in to aid the establishment and longevity of the lawn.

To achieve a higher grade of lawn a rootzone soil medium was used with a higher grade of turf consisting of a blend of fine fescue grasses. Additional works for this client also included the redevelopment of the lower part of the garden creating a shady woodland planting area.

A request from a client in East Horsley, Leatherhead, Surrey to help provide a new lawn but with the requirement of dealing with the drainage first. The drainage was installed and dealt with prior to the importation of approximately 40tn of high quality rootzone medium and the laying of the new lawn. Turf used Rolawn Medallion.

Other works here also included replacement of lawn sleeper edging and sleeper retaining walls.

To achieve a new lawn for this client in Sandhurst, Berkshire extensive drainage was also required. All areas of the garden were sprayed off first with a strong glyphoste based herbicide to eradicate existing invasive vegetative growth and invasive weeds. Garden drainage was then installed utilising a sump and pump.

New free draining topsoil was imported onto the site, prepared and the lawn laid. Turf used Rolawn Medallion.

A fresh new lawn in Lightwater, Surrey. After having alterations made to their garden this client required a new lawn raised to newly formed EverEdge Pro edging and other hard paved areas.

The old lawn was striped, existing soil cut and filled, levels set and new soil, organic matter and sand mix imported over the site. Lawn areas were prepared prior to the laying of the new lawn. Turf used Rolawn Medallion.

Turfing of Small Gardens – A collection of small garden examples laid to turf.

For the majority of lawns that we lay we recommend the use of Rolawn Medallion® turf or similar. Britain’s biggest selling and most frequently specified turf. Rolawn Medallion® a multi-purpose, high quality turf, specially cultivated to produce a lawn with an outstanding, fine leafed appearance that is hard wearing, slow growing, easy to maintain and drought tolerant.